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Scribe Online

Fast, easy integration with a true cloud integration platform

Scribe Online is a high performance, innovative cloud integration platform that makes it easy for you to connect cloud, premise or hosted applications and accelerate the pace of your business.

Scribe Online features intuitive, wizard based interfaces, built in collaboration, and intelligent connectivity to a broad range of business applications. You can quickly and affordably connect marketing, sales, support, and finance applications or any other business systems and data you need including: Salesforce, Microsoft® Dynamics CRM, Oracle, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® SQL Server, MySQL, Intuit® Quickbooks, Citrix® Go-to-Webinar and much more.

Scribe Online replicates, synchronizes and integrates data with clicks not code. Connectors and SolutionPaks get you started in hours with pre-built mappings for popular applications, simply configure and connect.

Scribe Online Benefits

  • Easy to connect, configure
  • Quick to deploy
  • One platform for all customer data
  • Connectors to relevant business applications
  • SolutionPaks to jumpstart integration
  • World class training and support

Simply register for the free 15-day trial and you are on your way. Free video help, user guides, samples and examples are available with your trial. Our concierge is ready to assist you with your trial and to help you select the complementary Connectors and SolutionPaks that are right for your business.


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